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Mårka is a residential architecture and design firm located in Nisswa, Minnesota, in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes Area. We aspire to create distinctive dwellings that are more than just a physical structure - this is your retreat from the world. Whether it be new home construction or remodeling your legacy cabin, we are ready to guide you through this exciting process.


A tailored

architectural experience

A home is more than just a physical structure. Home is your retreat from the world and that looks different for everyone. You may feel serenity in clean lines and open spaces, or perhaps you want to dream amid rustic beams and rich wood tones. 

You need a tailored architectural experience to ensure your retreat is exactly that... yours. Mårka is here to guide your experience every step of the way with an expert approach.

  • Initial consultation to discuss client needs

  • Site study to determine opportunities and limitations

01 Pre-design
  • Exploration of design and sketch development

02 Schematic Design
  • Computer generated 3D modeling (drafting)

03 Design Development
  • Construction materials

  • Architectural finishes 

04 Selections & Specs
  • Continued drafting

  • High-level building documents

05 Construction Docs
  • Liaison role between client and builder to ensure design intent has been met

06 Construction Observation
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